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After a successfull "World Premiere" presentation of the next generation of Luxury Mahogany Boats at the 2015 Dubai Boatshow, Bel Monte is very proud to take part in the Monaco Classic Week 2015, temple of yachting.

Bel Monte changes the rules with new design, blended with a modern technology of woodworking and sublimated by our master craftsmen' traditionnal skills.

Designed without compromise, result of complete creative and engineering freedom, created with the desire to build the best, each boat of our fleet displays a unique personality of its own.

Modern interpretation of the Luxury Mahogany Boats, Bel Monte wants its models, beautiful and rare, made with distinctive woods, noble materials; each boat inspires and signs our commitment to high quality French Luxury.

Every curve in their mahogany, every sunbeam in their polished steel, every glare in their deep varnish are dedicated to seduce and to fulfill your pleasure to possess a Bel Monte Boat.

Our great choice in colors for upholstery and in exceptional burl wood for dashboard allow you to personalize your boat and to make it unique.


belmonte classic week monaco 2015

Belmonte at the Classic Week Monaco 2015

pascal montel belmonte boats engineer

Engineer by profession and belonging to Bretagne lovers, always fascinated by its beauty and by the greatness this region imposes in sobriety, my first boat building project was a challenge.

Admiring the Bretagne landscape, with its beauty, various shapes and contrasts, I love the brutality of its character defined by the unstoppable wind playing symphonies over an insolent sea, offering a wide variety of colors. Also impressed and seduced by the numerous maritime festivals inviting traditional and classic boats in the beautiful waters of the Golfe du Morbihan, these two main characteristics and treasures of Bretagne become to the start of a new building experience and passion for luxury wooden boats, adding a letter of noblesse to my initial technical formation thanks which I can take the right decisions within the group Belmonte I joined today, with mission to design and build prestige mahogany runabouts.

Sole French manufacturer in our segment, Belmonte boats are made entirely by hand by craftsmen proud of their traditional skills and reflect our commitment to high quality French luxury.

Our models, by the nobility of their materials, by their sensual forms, marriage of a modern design and classicism, create emotion and the irresistible urge to possess them.


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